Cooperation with Minakami town

In 24 May 2018, I visited Minakami town in Gumma Prefecture to discuss about its draft proposal to cooperate with Cianjur District in West Java, Indonesia. Based on request from the town, I became an advisor for Minakami town to support finalizing the proposal for the inter-local cooperation, with my advising on local development strategy of Minakami town. I will try to do my best to this task.


Batu and Jakarta in 11-17 May 2018

As a study team member, I visited Indonesia for kick-off of our feasibility study on agricultural cooperation between Fukushima city and Batu city, East Java.

We discussed contents and directions of this study with Mayor and government officials of Batu city and exchanged opinion and information with Ministry of Agriculture.

Our team consists of Ginray Co. Ltd. from Fukushima, JA Fukushima Mirai, Prof. Sugiura (Chuo Univ) as chief advisor, ERM Japan and me. We will invite the mission from Batu city headed by its mayor to Fukushima in next July.

Photo with mayor of Batu city after discussion. Taken by Naoko Takahashi, 14 May 2018.

Makassar International Writers Festival 2018 (2-5 May 2018)

In 2-5 May 2018, I attended the 8th Makassar International Writers Festival (MIWF) in Makassar, Indonesia.

This time, we invited a poet from Fukushima, Japan, Mr. Ryoichi Wago and he read his poems three times with his aggressive performance during his staying for three days. He was very appreciated by audience of MIWF and interacted with them as the same poet lovers and critics for social problem.

I hope something new and meaningful will be happened between Makassar and Fukushima from this occasion. Thank you, Makassar. Thank you MIWF. See you next year in Makassar.

Kick-off Meeting on Fukushima-Batu Program

In 26 April 2018, we conducted the kick-off meeting of agricultural cooperation between Fukushima city and Batu city (in East Java, Indonesia) in JA Fukushima Mirai office in Fukushima. The title is “JICA Feasibility Study of Project Formulation: Reconstruction of Horticulture Supply Chain in Batu and Co-Branding with Fukushima”. We will visit Batu in 12-15 May for kick-off in Indonesian side.

Article on Old Big House beside my office in Fukushima (20 April 2018)

An old house, located in the same area of my office, was taken up in ‘Fukushima Mimpo”, a local newspaper of Fukushima, in 20 April 2018.

This old big house, built in 1872, will be used as a multi-functioned common space for local peoples, with a new elderly housing with care service, called “Shimizu no Sato”, that will be built and opened in 2019.

Matsui Glocal LLC will be involved to effectively utilize the common space with the owner, Mr. & Mrs. Sato.

1st Anniversary of Matsui Glocal LLC.

In 11 April 2018, my company, Matsui Glocal LLC. celebrated the first anniversary of establishment in Fukushima. My company is still like an infant and has repeated trial and error every day.

In this second year, we will further promote our consulting activities as professional catalyst to connect local to local for creating something new and valuable. Please keep in touch and make good business together.

Attend the Opening Party of APIJ in Tokyo (4 April 2018)

Yesterday (4 April 2018), I attended the opening ceremony of Indonesian Businessmen Association in Japan (Asosiasi Pengusaha Indonesia di Jepang [APIJ]) in official residence of Indonesian ambassador, Meguro, Tokyo.

I hope APIJ play roles to boost business communication between Indonesia and Japan.

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