Visit Cimahi, West Java (9 March 2019)

I visited Cimahi, West Java, to meet lecturers of IKIP Siliwangi. They want to have some connection with university in Japan to realize study tour and international exchange. IKIP Siliwangi wants to deepen study about non formal education and life-long education.
I appreciate IKIP Siliwangi to develop its educational capacities with connecting outside including Japan even if it is very small and is not famous institution without any connection with Japan until now.

Lecture in GRIPS (5 March 2019)

In 5 March 2019, I had a chance to give a lecture in GRIPS (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies) on Global Food Value Chain and the Role of Industrial Estate in Indonesia to Indonesian government officials from Ministry of Industry.

We discussed about current agricultural situation, policy, strategy, role of government and private sector, and strategy of industrial estate development in Indonesia. Thank you for this arrangement by Prof. Kudo and Prof. Kabuta in GRIPS.

Attend the Study Meeting on Foreign Workers in Japan

The 4th study meeting on foreign workers in Japan was conducted in Tokyo, 29 January 2019. This meeting is coordinated by Hokuriku AJEC (Around Japan sea Economic exchange Conference) to discuss about utilization of foreign workers in Hokuriku area.

As a member, I submitted the first draft of my paper on technical trainee program and new resident status “Specific Skill” to Hokuriku AJEC.

Hokuriku AJEC will conduct a seminar of this theme in Kanazawa in 26 March, and I was asked to be one of speakers in the seminar.

Business Trip to Aceh (13-19 Jan 2019)

In 13-19 January 2019, I visited Medan, Takengon, and Banda Aceh to support the kick-off meeting of the Project for Sixth Industrialization (Cultivation, Processing and Promotion) of Citrus Resources in Central Aceh District Utilizing Knowledge of Ochi Town.
The kick-off meeting, directly chaired by Bupati (District Head),  was held in 16 January in Takengon, and met three trainee candidates who will participate the training program in Ochi Town for three years.

I hope they will be business leaders to develop citrus resource industry with improving human resource of citrus farmers in Aceh in the near future.

Season Greetings 2019


We continue to promote local-to-local network for mutual learning and cooperation to create new value with local government, local companies and local people.

We more concern to human resource development with internationalization in local areas.

We conduct consultation activities “without teaching” to enhance local ownership for local development.

We search for many comrades and partners with the same vision to promote local-to-local network in the world. We use the term “glocal” as globalization of local-to-local network without border.

Please contact me ( if you are interested. I will come to meet you. Thank you for your attention.

Main committee members of Makassar International Writers Festival [MIWF] from Indonesia visited my office in Fukushima (August 2018).

Attended Indonesianist Gathering, KAPAL, in Kyoto

In 16 December 2018, I attended the first congress of Indonesianist Gathering as it said KAPAL (Kelompok Pemerhati dan Peneliti Indonesia di Jepang) at Kyoto University. Many interesting presentations. I could learn many things.

And I could meet many old Indonesianists friends and new younger Indonesianists there. I hope KAPAL would develop as an open and inclusive society for all Indonesianists and Indonesia lovers in Japan, not too much academic, narrow and exclusive organization.

KAPAL Blog (in Japanese):


Visit Palu, Sigi, & Donggala / 中スラウェシ訪問(21-23 Nov 2018)

Observation and meeting in Palu, Sigi, and Donggala, in 21-23 November 2018.

Pengamatan dan pertemuan di Palu, Sigi, dan Donggala, pada tanggal 21-23 November 2018.


Presentation in Kyoto / 京都で発表(10 Nov 2018)

In 10 November 2018, I made a small presentation about the earthquake of Central Sulawesi in Southeast Asian Studies Forum in Kyoto.

Pada tanggal 10 November 2018, saya membuat presentasi kecil tentang gempa Sulawesi Tengah di Forum Studi Asia Tenggara di Kyoto.


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