Survey on Local SMEs of Automotive Components

From 27 October, I have stayed in Jakarta. I have joined the study team on local SMEs of automotive components in Indonesia, mainly in Jakarta Metropolitan Area (Jabotadebek). Everyday, we visit and interview at those local SMEs to get information for making recommendation report to Indonesian and Japanese governments.

We will visit 10 local SMEs and conduct Focused Group Discussion with 10 local SMEs during these two weeks until 6 November 2014.

2014-10-29 15.50.02

I must continue to concentrate my attention as an interpreter in interviews, navigator to search for the location of SMEs (often difficult to get the SME’s address in the map), and guide to search for good place to have lunch.

I hope our survey will give some useful information to build appropriate strategies for the development of local SMEs related to the development of automotive industry in Indonesia.

JoT Program in UGM

I have assisted “Japan on Track (JoT)” Program at Gadjah Mada University (UGM) by Aichi Prefectural University since last year.

This is re-education program of Japanese language for UGM students who learned it before but no chance after entering UGM. I am requested to give a lecture about “Japanese corporate culture and Japanese companies in Indonesia”, and to interview and do counseling with the participants.

This time I did them in 23-24 October 2014 at UGM. They are very good students and I could get their thought about relation to Japan and work career expectation in the future.

Before back to Surabaya, we had lunch together at a restaurant in Yogyakarta. I hope they enjoyed the lunch, laugh, and relaxed conversation. Thank you for our good students!



About New Website

Since October 18, 2014, I had started to use my new website with my own domain.

I will inform my activities, my opinion and travel records in this new website.

Also, you can see my schedule here.

So, my other websites and blogs in Japanese and non-Japanese will be integrated in this site.

Very welcome if you give me some comments about this site.

Thank you for your attention and please keep in touch with me through this new website.



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