Interview Series in Yogya and Surabaya (16-20 January 2015)

After finished our SME Workshop in Jakarta (14 January), I came back to Surabaya first in 15 January. Then, I started to bound for Yogyakarta at 7 am by train. Why must back to Surabaya first? I could not directly go to Yogyakarta from Jakarta because of bureaucratic administration.

Anyway, I conducted series of interview to emerging local companies targeted to middle class or volume zone market in Indonesia. In Yogyakarta, I visited and interviewed Super Wash (laundry franchise chain) in 16 January, and Kemitraan A Swalayan (mini market establishment and management consulting) in 17 January. After coming back to Surabaya, I interviewed Coffee Toffee (cafe franchise chain) in Surabaya in 20 January.


With Mr. Lidi (President Director) and Mr. Ali (Manager) at office of Super Wash, Yogyakarta, 16 January 2015.



with Mr. Putut, Mr. Sulis and Mr. Danan (Managers) at office of Kemitraan A Swalayan, Klaten, Yogyakarta, 17 January 2015.



with Mr. Odi (President Director) at Coffee Toffee, Klampis, Surabaya, 20 January 2015.

I could get many interesting information from them and some key points why they have emerged their business in local areas. I will compile the interview results for survey reports to JETRO Jakarta.

SME Workshop in Jakarta (14 January 2015)

Last week, we conducted a Workshop on SME policies in Indonesia at Gran Melia Jakarta in 14 January 2015. This workshop was held to feedback the results of our survey (JERI team) on 17 local SMEs on automotive parts supplier in October-November 2014, and to discuss about policy implication for SME development in Indonesia.

This Workshop was attended by about 40 participants including Ms. Euis, Director General of Small & Medium Industry, Ministry of Industry, Mr. Meliadi Sembiring, the 7th Deputy Minister of Cooperatives and SME, other two Deputy Ministers of Cooperatives and SME, a member of KIKO (Cooperatives of Automotive Parts Industry), Yayasan Darma Bakti Astra, KADIN Indonesia, APINDO, Bank Indonesia, Jakarta Japan Club (JJC), JICA, and JETRO.


Based on our survey, we tried to focus on two main issues on SME development challenge. Those are marketing from SME to big companies, and needs of financial support by the government. We threw our two points to participants for further discussion and we could get much new information and many kinds of opinion about SME development in Indonesia in the near future.

We hope this Workshop will be useful for participants and especially government officials to deepen ideas for SME development policy in Indonesia.


Something starts from Old House in Fukushima

During my coming home to my hometown, Fukushima, I visited an old Japanese traditional house in 4 January, supported by my friend. This house was built in 1874, about 10 minutes from my parent’s house.

2015-01-04 12.54.20

We sat around an irori, a hearth in this house and talked many things. Owners told the history of the community since Edo era, how to utilize this house until now, how to conserve this house for the future, and so on.

I visited there not for just sightseeing.

I want to start something from this old Japanese traditional house in Fukushima.


“Connect, Learn and Action” starts

A Happy New Year 2015 !

The year 2015 has just started. In transition from 2014 to 2015, we memorized 10 year after the Earthquake and Tsunami in Aceh/Sumatra/Thailand/SriLanka, an accident of AirAsia from Surabaya to Singapore, and will be 20 years after Kobe/Osaka Earthquake. Our life is just lucky. Deeply understood.

This year, I want to create and do ‘true’ works as an independent consultant, facilitator and catalyst.

I will set up my individual small consultant company this year. I try to connect people, regions, resources, technologies, and community beyond borders. I try to promote deep learning and more another learning among those connected ones. Through such deep learning, I promote them to create something new and valuable for the future.

Since this year, I will not be fixed only in Indonesia. Maybe one year will be divided among Japan, Indonesia, and other countries. I will be moving one to another.

Why will I be moving? Because I want to be ‘wind’. Not one-directed ‘wind’, but mutual-directed or multi-directed ‘wind’, I mean. I do not teach anything. I just support to make them find something by themselves, and to make them start to create something new and valuable. As a ‘wind’, I will tell and inform what they do to others. So, I will be moving one to another.

‘Wind’ must not be main actor. Main actor is people there as ‘soil’. I want to be professional catalyst.

For my self input to think new ideas, I will start my new private blog called “Connect, Learn and Action” this year. As an independent consultant, I want to write my own opinion without any intervention from any organization.

Thank you for your reading and I welcome your comments.


Sudden Lecture in IEU, Surabaya

It was four days before. Suddenly I was requested to give a lecture at IEU, Surabaya. The theme is Business Communication with Japanese Businessmen.

I gave the lecture in 8 December night. At first, only 4 students were presented, even though I heard 15 students. At last, 8 students participated my lecture.

This is very impressive and good opportunity for me to learn the diversity of university students in Indonesia, maybe as same as in Japan.

They are very charming students and I got many friend request by Facebook and LINE after my lecture.

2014-12-08 21.44

Lecture and Others in Jakarta (3 Dec 2014)

In Japanese, December is called “Shiwasu”, which means that teacher is very busy because he/she must always run. As it means or not, I will do business trip almost every week to Jakarta in this December 2014. 2-4 December, 9-10 December, 15-16 December, and 21-22 December. Maybe before leave to Tokyo in 27 December, I will be in Jakarta.

In the first business trip in 3 December, I gave a lecture about Indonesian economy to Japanese guests from Tokyo, based on request from JAC Indonesia. They are young and want to make a business of financial service in Indonesia.


Take a picture after my lecture

After that, I met a consultant of energy business venture to discuss about new technology application to Indonesia. It is very fruitful and I got much implication on direction of Indonesia-Japan cooperation to create new innovation together. Fortunately, we could meet Prof. Dr. Ir. Bambang Subiyanto, Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Science Academy (LIPI), to continue our interesting discussion with having dinner together.

After interesting dinner, I went to a hotel located in North Jakarta with Prof. Kozano from Aichi Prefectural University to meet our students of Gadjah Mada University (participants of Japan on Track Program) who have started their intern activities in Japanese companies. They were fine and very positive to participate the intern program. I hope they will get much meaningful experience to prepare their working life in the near future.

With JoT participated intern students of UGM

With JoT participated intern students of UGM

JoT Program in UGM again (27 Nov 2014)

2014-11-27 12.10.23

Try to take picture ‘selfie’ with participants of JoT Program

After one month ago, I had a chance again to meet participants of Japan on Track, a re-education program of Japanese language, in Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Yogyakarta, in 27 November 2014.

This time, I conducted a discussion workshop on “For what you study in UGM?”. After this simple question, participants discussed and made presentation, for related several other questions, too. Even if only seven students were present, their discussion was very interesting and maybe they could get opportunity to think about relative deeper consideration on relation between theory and experience, between managers and workers, and company and workers on job-hopping phenomena.

Unfortunately because of time limitation, another discussion theme as “Work for What?” and “Live for What?”. I hope next opportunities.

In the afternoon, they learnt basic of business manner in Japanese company, instructed by a Japanese HRD company in Jakarta, with practice of standing, sitting and bowing.

2014-11-27 15.06.35

I remembered many same way in politeness and courteousness seen in Indonesia, as in business manner in Japan. Participants looked like fun and enjoyed this lesson.

Today (28 November), we had farewell lunch with JoT participants at the Hikari Japanese restaurant in Yogyakarta, with Prof. Kozano from Aichi Prefectural University. Thank you and see you next time, my good friends.

2014-11-28 14.26.57


BizComm Seminar on Entrepreneur @ Universitas Ciputra

Today (22 November 2014), I became a speaker in BizComm Seminar on Entrepreneur at Universitas Ciputra, Surabaya.

I made simple presentation about comparison of young entrepreneurs in Indonesia and Japan in Bahasa Indonesia. Other than me, there were three speakers to give good motivation to university students who tried to be entrepreneurs.

This is very good opportunity for me to communicate many business motivators and business-minded university students in this seminar.

I hope my presentation will give something good to them even if just a little.


Two-days Study Tour of KAIL from Japan (19-20 November)

141119-KAIL Dinner Party

With Mr. Hashida (Chairman of KAIL), and Mr. Junanto (Bank Indonesia Surabaya). Taken by camera of Mr. Junanto.

Kyushu Asia Institute of Leadership (KAIL) conducted the study tour to Surabaya in 19-20 November 2014.

KAIL is a NPO and training institution, built by local government, academics, and private business men to create prospective leader of Kyushu’s business world. 37 participants of this tour were around 40 years old.

Kyushu Asia Institute of Leadership (KAIL)

Overseas study tour is included in its 11-month curriculum and this year KAIL chose to visit Indonesia (Jakarta 2 days and Surabaya 2 days).

During two days staying in Surabaya, they visited to House of Sampoerna, Surabaya City Government (DKP Pemkot Surabaya), Garbage Processing Unit and Compost Center managed by Surabaya City Government and Nishihara Corporation from Kita-Kyushu City, Japan, Consulate General of Japan in Surabaya, and East Java Chambers of Commerce (KADIN Jatim).

In Consulate General of Japan in Surabaya, Mr. Noboru Nomura, the Consul General, gave comprehensive lecture on Indonesia and East Java. After that, I gave a lecture on business climate of East Java and Surabaya. In addition, Mr. Nishi, president of East Java Japan Club (EJJC) and the factory head of Ajinomoto, gave a lecture on activities and challenge of Ajinomoto in Indonesia.

I became the coordinator/interpreter of this study tour for two days including dinner party with invited guests as Mr. Noboru Nomura, the Consul General of Japan, Mr. Lili Soleh Wartadipradja, Head of Investment Board of East Java Province, Mr. Cipto Wibowo, Director from External Cooperation Office of East Java Province, Ms. Liri Lestari Idham from Industry and Trade Office of East Java Province, and Mr. Junanto Herdiawan, senior economist of Bank Indonesia Surabaya Office.

I hope this study tour has success with good and deep impression of East Java and Surabaya, to connect next step of business communication in the future between Indonesia and Kyushu, Japan.


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