Who am I ?

Self-introduction in Japanese / 日本語による自己紹介こちらから。日本語個人ブログ「ぐろーかる日記」こちらから。

I’m an independent consultant, facilitator and catalyst to connect peoples, communities, and technologies to create something new for the future, without border of countries, generation and global/local.

I will work in Indonesia and Japan, Surabaya, Jakarta, Makassar, Tokyo, Fukushima, city and local areas, or everywhere in the world.


Kazuhisa MATSUI


Kazuhisa MATSUImatsui@matsui-glocal.com


  • Analysis of Indonesian Political Economies, Decentralization
  • SME Business Promotion; Regional Development Policy
  • Community Development
  • One Village One Product (OVOP) Movement
  • Community/Business Facilitation
  • Cross-Culture Communication

Detailed Curriculum Vitae

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