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Cherry blossoms in entry-prohibited area of Nagadoro, Iitate village, Fukushima, has not been seen by anyone because of nuclear power plant accident in March 2011. Visited in May 2, 2017.

Welcome to our website of Matsui Glocal LLC !

This is a consulting, facilitating and catalyst company to support the creation of something new by local societies with connecting local-to-local without any border. We usually use three languages as Japanese, English, and Bahasa Indonesia.

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Self Introduction from Managing Director, Matsui Glocal LLC

I’m an independent consultant, facilitator and catalyst to connect peoples, communities, and technologies to create something new for the future, without border of countries, generation and global/local.

I will work in Indonesia and Japan, Fukushima, Tokyo, Surabaya, Jakarta, Makassar, city and local areas, or everywhere in the world.

Self-introduction in Japanese / 日本語による自己紹介こちらから。

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Kazuhisa MATSUI

Kazuhisa MATSUI / Managing Director



  • Local Development Consulting & Support
  • SME Business Consulting & Support
  • International Exchange Counsulting & Support
  • Analysis of Indonesian Affairs
  • Community/Business Facilitation & Training
  • Cross-Culture Communication Support

Detailed Curriculum Vitae