Perjalanan Dinas ke Sulawesi & Jakarta (4-7 Agustus 2019)

Kami mengunjungi Sulawesi Selatan (Wajo dan Makassar) dan Jakarta bersama tim Pemda Prefektur Ishikawa, Jepang, untuk meninjau situasi pertanian saat ini. Prefektur Ishikawa berencana mengusulkan beberapa program kerjasama dalam pengembangan pertanian dalam jangka panjang terhadap Pemkab Wajo.

Prefektur Ishikawa mengharapkan berkontribusi untuk mekanisasi pertanian, pelatihan petani, dan peningkatan pendapatan petani.

Seminar di Jakarta, 4-6 Sep 2018

Pada tanggal 4-6 September 2018, sebagai koordinator urusan Indonesia dari Team E-Kansai, Osaka, saya mengunjungi Jakarta.

Team E-Kansai:
Tugas utama saya adalah untuk mengkoordinasikan Business Matching Seminar (5 September) mengenai teknologi pengolahan air limbah antara perusahaan Jepang dan Indonesia, bekerja sama dengan Gabungan Pengusaha Makanan dan Minuman Indonesia (GAPMMI).

Selain itu, saya menjadi pembicara di acara Networking Cafe (4 September) untuk pengusaha Jepang, tentang prospek ekonomi indonesia dan pemilihan Presiden 2019.

Seminar in Jakarta, 4-6 Sep 2018

In 4-6 September 2018, as an Indonesian coordinator of Team E-Kansai, Osaka, I visited Jakarta.

Team E-Kansai:

My main task is to coordinate Business Matching Seminar (5 September) on waste water and sewage management technology between Japanese and Indonesian companies, cooperated with Indonesian Food and Beverage Industry Association (GAPMMI).

In addition, I became a speaker in Networking Cafe (4 September) for Japanese businessmen/women, about Indonesian economy and Presidential Election 2019.

Batu and Jakarta in 11-17 May 2018

As a study team member, I visited Indonesia for kick-off of our feasibility study on agricultural cooperation between Fukushima city and Batu city, East Java.

We discussed contents and directions of this study with Mayor and government officials of Batu city and exchanged opinion and information with Ministry of Agriculture.

Our team consists of Ginray Co. Ltd. from Fukushima, JA Fukushima Mirai, Prof. Sugiura (Chuo Univ) as chief advisor, ERM Japan and me. We will invite the mission from Batu city headed by its mayor to Fukushima in next July.

Photo with mayor of Batu city after discussion. Taken by Naoko Takahashi, 14 May 2018.

Kunjungan ke Jakarta (28 Jan s/d 3 Feb 2018)

Pada 29 Januari sampai 3 Februari, kami datang ke Jakarta untuk perjalanan bisnis bersama Tim E-Kansai dan METI Kansai dari Osaka. Saya ikut sebagai koordinator tim tentang Indonesia.

Kami membahas tentang pengelolaan air dan air limbah dengan Gabungan Pengusaha Makanan dan Minuman Indonesia (GAPMMI), dan mengunjungi dua perusahaan anggotanya untuk meninjau fasilitas pengelolaannya.

Kami berencana mengadakan Seminar tentang teknologi pengelolaan air, limbah air dan lingkungan bersama GAPMMI pada September 2018 di Jakarta.

Business Trip to Jakarta (29 Jan – 3 Feb, 2018)

From January 29 to February 3, I went to Jakarta as business trip with Team E-Kansai and METI Kansai from Osaka as the team coordinator on Indonesia.

We discussed about water and waste water management with the Indonesian Food and Beverage Association (GAPMMI), and visited two member companies to investigate their management facilities.

We plan to conduct a seminar on water, waste water and environment management technology with GAPMMI in September 2018 in Jakarta.

Oktober 11-30 di Indonesia

Saya berada di Indonesia pada tgl. 11-30 Oktober 2017.

Akan di Jakarta (11-13 Okt), Karawang (14-15 Okt), Jakarta (16-17 Okt), Cianjur (18-19 Okt), Jakarta (20-22 Okt) , Pinrang (23-24 Okt), Bantaeng (25-27 Okt) dan Jakarta (28-30 Okt) untuk mendapatkan informasi tentang situasi skrg di Indonesia. Kembali ke Jepang pada 31 Okt.

Sampai jumpa teman-teman di Indonesia.


October 11-30 in Indonesia

I stay at Indonesia in 11-30 October 2017.

I will be in Jakarta (11-13 Oct), Karawang (14-15 Oct), Jakarta (16-17 Oct), Cianjur (18-19 Oct), Jakarta (20-22 Oct), Pinrang (23-24 Oct), Bantaeng (25-27 Oct) and Jakarta (28-30 Oct) for getting information about current situation of agriculture in Indonesia. Back to Japan in 31 Oct.

See you my friends in Indonesia.


Diskusi tentang Kerjasama antara Sungai Ciliwung dan Tama River

Pada tanggal 31 Agustus 2017, saya ikut diskusi tentang kegiatan Jakarta Osoji Club dan Japan Osoji Club mengenai kerjasama antara Sungai Ciliwung dan Tama River bersama anggota NPO Tamagawa Ecomuseum di Noborito, Kawasaki.

Rencananya, akan mengadakan even pembersihan secara kebersamaan, masing-masing baik di Ciliwung maupun di Tama river, pada tanggal 11 November 2017 untuk mengingatkan Hari Ciliwung.

Japan Osoji Club dan NPO Tamagawa Ecomuseum sangat mengharapkan partisipasi masyarakat Indonesia yang berada di sekitar Tokyo untuk mengikuti acara mereka, terutama acara tanggal 11 November 2017 nanti di Kawasaki.

Semoga kerjasama antara pihak Jakarta dan pihak Japan berkembang terus dan membuahkan suatu kegiatan yang berubah perilaku masyarakat baik Indonesia maupun Jepang.


[INFO] Japan Visa Application Center di Jakarta (setelah 15 Sep 2017)

Kepada teman-teman di Indonesia,

Setelah tanggal 15 September 2017, permohonan/pengambilan visa ke Jepang dari Indonesia di Jakarta tidak lagi diterima di Konjen Jepang, dan harus ke Japan Visa Application Centre (JVAC), yang berlokasi di Lotte Shopping Avenue 4F, Unit No.33.

  • Pengajuan Aplikasi Visa : 09.00 – 17.00 (Aplikasi Perorangan), 09.00 – 13.00 (Travel Agent)
  • Pengambilan Visa : 10.00 – 15.00 (Aplikasi Perorangan), 10.00 – 13.00 (Travel Agent)
    * JVAC tutup pada hari Sabtu, Minggu dan hari libur Kedutaan (hari libur nasional).

Informasi ini dapat dilihati di situs yang berikut:


After Back to Japan in April 7

My task as JETRO consultant in Surabaya, Indonesia, had finished in March 31, and I came back to Japan in April 7. Now I stay in Tokyo with my family.

I am now preparing my next activity stage. I will set up my tiny independent consulting company during these two months in Japan. Then, based on this company, I will restart my activities to move among Japan, Indonesia and other countries.

To do so, I have made several my activity bases. Main base is in Japan, Fukushima or Tokyo. Sub bases are Tokyo or Fukushima, Jakarta, Surabaya, and maybe Makassar.

The base in Jakarta and Surabaya had been prepared before back to Japan this time. Yesterday (April 13), I prepared my small work place in a rental office, 10 minutes walk from my home in Tokyo. I will set up my another work place in Fukushima.

Fortunately, the set up cost may be not so high. So, I will be able to come to Tokyo, Fukushima, Jakarta, and Surabaya (and maybe Makassar) in any time. My mobile bases are almost established.

In my plan, I will stay in Indonesia next June 2015, starting in Makassar the first week of June. Please keep in touch.


Three Speeches Last Week in Jakarta

Last week, I stayed in Jakarta for one week. I had three opportunities to make my speech. Two were for Indonesian in Bahasa Indonesia and one was for Japanese in Japanese.

In March 2, I was invited by Jakarta Branch of Indonesian Handicraft Exporters and Producers Association (ASEPHI) as a speaker to talk about SME’s export promotion and potentiality of market in Japan.

I explained the change of Japanese market from Yen appreciation to the depreciation that did not so good for export from Indonesia to Japan. However, if the target was clear as goods for the aged, women, and Indonesian original ones. I recommended combination strategy of OEM products from Japanese buyers and Indonesian original ones. To realize this, I suggested the good collaboration between Indonesian side and Japanese side.

In March 4, I talked about current situation of the Jokowi administration for Japanese businessmen in the Indonesia Watch Seminar by JAC Recruitment Indonesia. This was in Japanese and I gave some positive and negative signals of Indonesia.

In March 7, I was invited to do keynote speech by Ikatan Pengusaha Kenshusei Indonesia (IKAPEKSI) or Association of Indonesian Businessmen who were trained in Japan. They were sent to Japan via IMM Japan and became businessmen after coming back from Japan to Indonesia.

2015-03-07 08.03.28

IKAPEKSI was established by their own initiatives without any support from Japanese side. Maybe this is the first organization set up by alumni of IMM Japan trainee in the world. They do not want to get financial support from the government of Japan and of Indonesia, but want to be good business partner to Japanese side.

Under cooperation with Ministry of Labor Force, Indonesia, only no-problem alumni of IMM Japan can be the member. Members of IKAPEKSI were recognized as good graduates from training in Japan and the Government of Indonesia wants to improve the quality of overseas trainee by using the existence of IKAPEKSI.

I became the advisor of IKAPEKSI based on their request. I feel it is very honorable for me as a Japanese because it is the sign of their trust to me. The situation of Kenshusei in Japan will be more complex and has not only positive image but also negative one. I hope ex-Kenshusei in IKAPEKSI will make good reputation of Kenshusei with many success stories to promote more positive image, and will make a role to deepen Indoensia-Japan relationship in all regions in Indonesia (because the member of IKAPEKSI scattered in almost all provinces and regencies/cities) through their activities.


SME Workshop in Jakarta (14 January 2015)

Last week, we conducted a Workshop on SME policies in Indonesia at Gran Melia Jakarta in 14 January 2015. This workshop was held to feedback the results of our survey (JERI team) on 17 local SMEs on automotive parts supplier in October-November 2014, and to discuss about policy implication for SME development in Indonesia.

This Workshop was attended by about 40 participants including Ms. Euis, Director General of Small & Medium Industry, Ministry of Industry, Mr. Meliadi Sembiring, the 7th Deputy Minister of Cooperatives and SME, other two Deputy Ministers of Cooperatives and SME, a member of KIKO (Cooperatives of Automotive Parts Industry), Yayasan Darma Bakti Astra, KADIN Indonesia, APINDO, Bank Indonesia, Jakarta Japan Club (JJC), JICA, and JETRO.


Based on our survey, we tried to focus on two main issues on SME development challenge. Those are marketing from SME to big companies, and needs of financial support by the government. We threw our two points to participants for further discussion and we could get much new information and many kinds of opinion about SME development in Indonesia in the near future.

We hope this Workshop will be useful for participants and especially government officials to deepen ideas for SME development policy in Indonesia.