Ceramah di Surabaya (29 Nov 2017)

Saya mengunjungi Surabaya, Indonesia, untuk mengikuti Proyek dukungan terhadap UKM oleh JICA dengan Kementerian Perindustrian dan Pemerintahan Provinsi Jawa Timur pada tanggal 26-30 November 2017.

Saya memberikan kuliah dengan bahasa Indonesia tentang pengalaman pembangunan industri lokal di Jepang terkait dengan industri pengolahan makanan kepada pejabat Pemprov Jawa Timur pada 29 November 2017.

Lecture in Surabaya (26-30 Nov 2017)

In 26-30 November 2017, I visited Surabaya to attend the JICA project to support Food Processing Industries in Indonesia by SME from Osaka.

In 29 November, I gave a lecture on Japan’s Experience of Local Industrial Development, focusing on Food Processing Industries, in Bahasa Indonesia, to government officials of East Java Provincial Government.


Mengunjungi Surabaya dan Malang (25-29 September 2017)

Minggu Lalu (25-29 September 2017), saya mengunjungi Surabaya dan Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia.

Kali ini, saya belajar situasi saat ini tentang pengiriman pemagang dari Indonesia ke luar negeri termasuk Jepang, dan tahu banyak upaya inovatif baru di SMK di sana.

Saya harus mengatakan bahwa zamannya bantuan teknis dari Jepang ke Indonesia sudah berlalu, dan telah mulai zaman baru, yaitu, zaman saling belajar-mengajar dan kolaborasi yang nyata bersama-sama antara Indonesia dan Jepang sebagai mitra setara yang saling menghormati.

Visit Surabaya and Malang in 25-29 September 2017

Last week (25-29 September 2017), I visited Surabaya and Malang, East Java, Indonesia.

This time, I learned current situation about sending trainee from Indonesia to overseas including Japan, and knew much new innovative efforts of the vocational high schools there.

I confirmed again the end of the era of technical assistance from Japan to Indonesia, but certainly believed the start of mutual learning and collaboration together between Indonesia and Japan as equal partners.

Business Trip to Surabaya (7-11 Dec 2016)

Maybe this is the last business trip to Indonesia from Japan in 2016.

I was suddenly asked to participate a business trip by a researcher of IGES (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies), a semi-government research institute in Japan, to Surabaya when I was in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, for special lecture at Gadjah Mada University (22-24 November 2016).

This time I was asked to join her preliminary survey on sustainable community development in Surabaya, Indonesia. I brought her to meet young activists of C2O library and Ayorek to make a platform for community development in Surabaya, a specialist on environmental issues in Surabaya, and women’s group to promote mangrove conservation and community development.

I hope this field survey would be useful for IGES study in the next stage.

What is my next stage? Please stay tuned in 2017 !

After Back to Japan in April 7

My task as JETRO consultant in Surabaya, Indonesia, had finished in March 31, and I came back to Japan in April 7. Now I stay in Tokyo with my family.

I am now preparing my next activity stage. I will set up my tiny independent consulting company during these two months in Japan. Then, based on this company, I will restart my activities to move among Japan, Indonesia and other countries.

To do so, I have made several my activity bases. Main base is in Japan, Fukushima or Tokyo. Sub bases are Tokyo or Fukushima, Jakarta, Surabaya, and maybe Makassar.

The base in Jakarta and Surabaya had been prepared before back to Japan this time. Yesterday (April 13), I prepared my small work place in a rental office, 10 minutes walk from my home in Tokyo. I will set up my another work place in Fukushima.

Fortunately, the set up cost may be not so high. So, I will be able to come to Tokyo, Fukushima, Jakarta, and Surabaya (and maybe Makassar) in any time. My mobile bases are almost established.

In my plan, I will stay in Indonesia next June 2015, starting in Makassar the first week of June. Please keep in touch.


Interview Series in Yogya and Surabaya (16-20 January 2015)

After finished our SME Workshop in Jakarta (14 January), I came back to Surabaya first in 15 January. Then, I started to bound for Yogyakarta at 7 am by train. Why must back to Surabaya first? I could not directly go to Yogyakarta from Jakarta because of bureaucratic administration.

Anyway, I conducted series of interview to emerging local companies targeted to middle class or volume zone market in Indonesia. In Yogyakarta, I visited and interviewed Super Wash (laundry franchise chain) in 16 January, and Kemitraan A Swalayan (mini market establishment and management consulting) in 17 January. After coming back to Surabaya, I interviewed Coffee Toffee (cafe franchise chain) in Surabaya in 20 January.


With Mr. Lidi (President Director) and Mr. Ali (Manager) at office of Super Wash, Yogyakarta, 16 January 2015.



with Mr. Putut, Mr. Sulis and Mr. Danan (Managers) at office of Kemitraan A Swalayan, Klaten, Yogyakarta, 17 January 2015.



with Mr. Odi (President Director) at Coffee Toffee, Klampis, Surabaya, 20 January 2015.

I could get many interesting information from them and some key points why they have emerged their business in local areas. I will compile the interview results for survey reports to JETRO Jakarta.

BizComm Seminar on Entrepreneur @ Universitas Ciputra

Today (22 November 2014), I became a speaker in BizComm Seminar on Entrepreneur at Universitas Ciputra, Surabaya.

I made simple presentation about comparison of young entrepreneurs in Indonesia and Japan in Bahasa Indonesia. Other than me, there were three speakers to give good motivation to university students who tried to be entrepreneurs.

This is very good opportunity for me to communicate many business motivators and business-minded university students in this seminar.

I hope my presentation will give something good to them even if just a little.