Business Trip to Surabaya (7-11 Dec 2016)

Maybe this is the last business trip to Indonesia from Japan in 2016.

I was suddenly asked to participate a business trip by a researcher of IGES (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies), a semi-government research institute in Japan, to Surabaya when I was in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, for special lecture at Gadjah Mada University (22-24 November 2016).

This time I was asked to join her preliminary survey on sustainable community development in Surabaya, Indonesia. I brought her to meet young activists of C2O library and Ayorek to make a platform for community development in Surabaya, a specialist on environmental issues in Surabaya, and women’s group to promote mangrove conservation and community development.

I hope this field survey would be useful for IGES study in the next stage.

What is my next stage? Please stay tuned in 2017 !


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