Speaker in Seminar on Utilization of Foreign Workers in Japan (26 March 2019)

I was invited as a speaker of Seminar on Utilizaiotn of Foreign Workers in Japan, organized by Hokuriku Economic Federation and JETRO, in Kanazawa, in 26 March 2019.

I picked up some topics including the role of local SMEs in regional economies, separation of objectives and real situation in technical foreign trainee program, and new foreigner’s resident status “specific skills” since April 2019.

I tried to suggest two ways as (1) combination between high-qualified and educated foreign manpower and technical foreign trainees or foreign workers with “specific skills”, and (2) setting route for foreign trainees/workers to grade up themselves to high-qualified manpower by getting opportunities to study in university.

Attend the Study Meeting on Foreign Workers in Japan

The 4th study meeting on foreign workers in Japan was conducted in Tokyo, 29 January 2019. This meeting is coordinated by Hokuriku AJEC (Around Japan sea Economic exchange Conference) to discuss about utilization of foreign workers in Hokuriku area.

As a member, I submitted the first draft of my paper on technical trainee program and new resident status “Specific Skill” to Hokuriku AJEC.

Hokuriku AJEC will conduct a seminar of this theme in Kanazawa in 26 March, and I was asked to be one of speakers in the seminar.