April 30, 2017 in Fukushima

In April 30, the first guest for Matsui Glocal LLC in Fukushima is my good friend, Ms. Lily Yulianti, an Indonesian writer and Journalist, and an organizer of Makassar International Writers Festival (MIWF) since 2011. She met Mr. Ryoichi Wago, a poet in Fukushima, to discuss about Japanese contemporary literature after East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster in 2011.

Establishment of Matsui Glocal LLC

Today (April 11, 2017), I applied for corporate registration of Matsui Glocal LLC to Fukushima District Legal Affairs Bureau. Then, today became the establishment day of Matsui Glocal LLC.

I have used the name “Matsui Glocal” until now, but the status has been a freelancer. Now, I has started my activities in the name of corporation as LLC (Limited Liability Company), even though there is no employee and this is one-man company.

Because the registration procedure will be completed in April 20, 2017, my activities as LLC will start completely after that. Now I will make preparation to my LLC activities.

The objectives of Matsui Glocal LLC in Articles of Incorporation are as follows.

  1. Research, advising and consulting on local/community development
  2. Research, advising and consulting on business support
  3. Research, advising and consulting on international cooperation
  4. Interaction/collaboration support in local/community development, business support, and international cooperation
  5. Research, analyzing and information provision on Indonesian politics, economies, and social/cultural affairs
  6. Making lecture, facilitation and coordination in seminar, workshop, training and meeting

Because my mission is “to be catalyst to create something new and good with connecting local to local”, I must make my root in local. So, I established Matsui Glocal LLC in my home town, Fukushima city in Japan. I had planned this since before.

From Fukushima as my main base, and Tokyo, Makassar, Jakarta and others as my sub bases, I want to do activities what is required to me at places where I am needed in Japan, Indonesia, and other places in the world without any borders.

Locals including Fukushima try to their own capacities. They respect, learn and act each other beyond borders of countries, religions, and races. If those are realized, the future would be more warm, more fun, and more interesting, I think.

I start this from Fukushima. Through Matsui Glocal LLC, I start my journey to make such my colleague in the world and make such future together.


Glocal in my context: Matsui Glocal

What is glocal? Of course, glocal is an artificial word made from global and local.

According to Oxford dictionary, glocal is “reflecting or characterized by both local and global considerations”. Or in Longman, it is “relating to the connections or relationships between global and local businesses, problems etc”.

Generally, global and local are opposite words each other, as globalization vs localization. Globalization is regarded as enemy from local. In Indonesia and maybe other developing countries, globalization is almost synonym with westernization, capitalism, imperialism, USA & Europe, or sometimes with christianization.

We remember that developing countries had felt to be exploited under colonialism by Western countries. So, the concept structure between globalization – localization and exploit – exploited has not been changed.

However, developing countries should know that many local people in USA or EU also criticize against impact of globalization. Such people played big role to win new USA President last year.

It means that almost all local people of the world, not only in developing countries but also in developed countries, feel and battle the globalization.

I understand that there is a universal basic issue in local society everywhere in the world. Local peoples in USA, EU, Indonesia, and Japan are facing to the same universal issues.

That is the crisis of local identities. Collapse of “who we are, where we live, what our life is”. Local life cannot be separated from so-called globalization, including using mobile phone, internet, or imported consumer goods.

The problem is not developed countries vs developing countries. But, what we keep and develop our own life with local identity.

Local people often think only they are in the worst condition because they know about only their local society. But, you are not alone. Even though the character and level of living is different, almost all local people feel and think the same.

In this context, I myself want to define glocal as global network of locals without border of administrations, and countries.

My glocal has no best model to be learned by others. No intention to apply a model to others. My glocal respects each locality and tries to settle the respect among locals. We start from such respect to others or at least recognition of others. Then, facilitate to learn each other to know more about ourselves in the local, for next step.

I will do more with local anywhere in the world. I believe the local-to-local network in global will change current confrontative situation, if we start from ourselves and our daily life, not from ideology or political jargon.

Meeting with IKAPEKSI South Sulawesi

After arriving at Makassar at noon in January 13, I met members of IKAPEKSI South Sulawesi. IKAPEKSI is Ikatan Pengusaha Kenshusei Indonesia, Indonesian ex-Japan-Trainee Businessmen’s League.

They were ex-Trainee in Japan for three years. Mainly worked in small and medium enterprises in Japan to officially learn know-how and technique/technology to be applied in Indonesia in the future. However, some Japanese companies regarded them as cheap labors because of serious shortage of labors in industrial sector.

Officially, government of Japan does not permit immigrant labors in Japan but in fact those trainee are used to fill the labor shortage.

IKAPEKSI was established spontaneously by ex-trainee themselves without any support of government of Japan and Indonesia. Most of members of IKAPEKSI manage their own companies, work in companies, and start their own small business. The ex-training program has contribute to create new entrepreneurs and skilled labors in Indonesia.

I have been an advisor to IKAPEKSI since 2015. I am happy to meet the South Sulawesi part members this time and want to support them.

Trip to Indonesia and Malaysia (12-18 Jan 2017)

As the first trip to outside Japan in 2017, I will visit Indonesia and Malaysia in 12-18 January 2017.

I plan to arrive at Malaysia in 12 January, and visit Melaka to meet new friends at noon. After that, bound for Kuala Lumpur to have dinner with my friends.

In 13 January, I will fly from Kuala Lumpur to Makassar, Indonesia. I hope I will meet my old friends during my stay in Makassar for four days, 13-16 January.

During my stay in Makassar, I will attend a wedding party of my friends in 14 January.

In 16 January evening, I will fly from Makassar to Kuala Lumpur. After meeting with my friend there in 17 January, I will fly from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo in 18 January.

I hope this trip will be the start point for me to extend my work horizontally from Indonesia to Malaysia and other countries.

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