Dari K’s Cacao Tour Coordination (18-24 August 2018)

I participated this Tour to Polewali, West Sulawesi, Indonesia, with about 30 participants. Most of them are chocolate lovers in Japan and came there for the first time. They learned many things about cacao from planting, fermentation, drying, and processing.

They directly met cacao farmers and gave their sincere appreciation and thanks message because no delicious chocolate without cacao farmers’ efforts. On the other hand, cacao farmers were very happy to meet them from Japan with stronger motivation to produce good cacao beans.

Participants also made chocolates from cacao beans with primary school students some of whose parents were cacao farmers. This was the first time for participants and students to make chocolate from cacao beans.

I hope this kind of interaction between producers and consumers will make new relationship with their mutual respect.

Tur Kakao ke Polewali, Indonesia (20-27 Agustus 2017)

Pada Tanggal 2017 Agustus 20, saya ikut Cacao Tour yang diselenggarakan oleh Dari K Inc. ke Kab Polewali Mandar, Sulawesi Barat, Indonesia, sebagai penerjemah sekaligus koordinator. Indonesia adalah negara produksi kakao terbesar kedua di dunia.

55 orang peserta pencinta kue coklat dari Jepang mungkin pertama kalinya untuk bertemu petani kakao. Hubungan antara konsumen dan produsen saling bersemangat dan memperhatikan satu sama lain antara konsumen dan produsen.


Cacao Tour to Polewali, Indonesia (August 20-27, 2017)

In August 20-27, 2017, I participated the Cacao Tour hosted by Dari K Inc. as interpreter and coordinator, to Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi, Indonesia. Not very well known, but Indonesia is the second largest cacao production country in the world.

55 participants from Japan as consumers of chocolate were probably the first time to meet farmers who produce cacao as the material of chocolate. During this tour, consumers and producers on cacao would mutually respect and say thank you to each other.