Visit Padang to discuss with a LPK (1-2 August 2019)

In 1-2 August 2019, we discussed with a trainee sending organization (LPK) in Padang about our future cooperation. We have confirmed the direction of specializing a skill/technic at first and sending trainees to learn the skill/technique in Japan. We hope those trainees become good human resources to be utilized after coming back to Indonesia.

Explain information on Tokutei Ginou in Semarang (22 April 2019)

In 22 April 2019, I had a chance to explain about new resident status ‘Tokutei Ginou (specific skill)’ of Japan to ex-trainees in Semarang.

Even if the status was started under revised Immigration Law in Japan, Japanese companies that accept Tokutei Ginou workers and Touroku Shien Kikan (Registered Support Agency) are now still under inspection until next June by Immigration Service Bureau before their starting of activities. In addition to that, Tokutei Ginou cannot start before signing MoU bertween Government of Indonesia and of Japan.

There are many incorrect information on Tokutei Ginou in Indonesia and someone were deceived. I hope ex-trainees wait for a while with preparing necessary information.

Visit Surabaya and Malang in 25-29 September 2017

Last week (25-29 September 2017), I visited Surabaya and Malang, East Java, Indonesia.

This time, I learned current situation about sending trainee from Indonesia to overseas including Japan, and knew much new innovative efforts of the vocational high schools there.

I confirmed again the end of the era of technical assistance from Japan to Indonesia, but certainly believed the start of mutual learning and collaboration together between Indonesia and Japan as equal partners.