“Connect, Learn and Action” starts

A Happy New Year 2015 !

The year 2015 has just started. In transition from 2014 to 2015, we memorized 10 year after the Earthquake and Tsunami in Aceh/Sumatra/Thailand/SriLanka, an accident of AirAsia from Surabaya to Singapore, and will be 20 years after Kobe/Osaka Earthquake. Our life is just lucky. Deeply understood.

This year, I want to create and do ‘true’ works as an independent consultant, facilitator and catalyst.

I will set up my individual small consultant company this year. I try to connect people, regions, resources, technologies, and community beyond borders. I try to promote deep learning and more another learning among those connected ones. Through such deep learning, I promote them to create something new and valuable for the future.

Since this year, I will not be fixed only in Indonesia. Maybe one year will be divided among Japan, Indonesia, and other countries. I will be moving one to another.

Why will I be moving? Because I want to be ‘wind’. Not one-directed ‘wind’, but mutual-directed or multi-directed ‘wind’, I mean. I do not teach anything. I just support to make them find something by themselves, and to make them start to create something new and valuable. As a ‘wind’, I will tell and inform what they do to others. So, I will be moving one to another.

‘Wind’ must not be main actor. Main actor is people there as ‘soil’. I want to be professional catalyst.

For my self input to think new ideas, I will start my new private blog called “Connect, Learn and Action” this year. As an independent consultant, I want to write my own opinion without any intervention from any organization.

Thank you for your reading and I welcome your comments.



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