My Hope in this 2017

I has started my work today (January 4) in 2017. I hope this 2017 would be happier and more peaceful year than before.

At the start-point of this year, I had set seven targets to be realized during this 2017. One of them are at least once a week posting to this my homepage. Others are secret.

I want to start my work extension not only from mostly Indonesia-Japan but also to multi-country network of local to local. I need to know and learn a lot of cases of local community and/or business development challenge in many countries. I believe we need a kind of mutual learning network among local communities, as an alternative network from nation-to-nation network.

From my experiences in Japan and Indoensia, every local community has faced to the same deep crisis and problem. That is the crisis of local identity caused by penetration of commercialization from outside. In other words, it is globalization. Every local community in universal crisis and problem.

Localization is regarded as the solution to overcome such globalization. But localization is not same as isolation with cutting the connection with outside. It is not possible to survive the local community.

I think we need a kind of global network among local communities in the world. Glocal is this meaning. This network cannot force to unify in one direction. There are many and many local communities in the world. So, without accepting and assuming those difference of local communities, such network cannot be realized.

This network is just for mutual learning and for avoiding loneliness feeling of each local community. Local communities are different, but their source of problem may be universal. Human beings should not feel loneliness. Local community may be the same.

I do not know how many persons agree with this thought in the world. If you are the person, I want to contact and meet you, and discuss and take action more.

I will start to extend my idea from visiting Malaysia and Indonesia in 12-17 January 2017.

2017 has just started.


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