Establishment of Matsui Glocal LLC

Today (April 11, 2017), I applied for corporate registration of Matsui Glocal LLC to Fukushima District Legal Affairs Bureau. Then, today became the establishment day of Matsui Glocal LLC.

I have used the name “Matsui Glocal” until now, but the status has been a freelancer. Now, I has started my activities in the name of corporation as LLC (Limited Liability Company), even though there is no employee and this is one-man company.

Because the registration procedure will be completed in April 20, 2017, my activities as LLC will start completely after that. Now I will make preparation to my LLC activities.

The objectives of Matsui Glocal LLC in Articles of Incorporation are as follows.

  1. Research, advising and consulting on local/community development
  2. Research, advising and consulting on business support
  3. Research, advising and consulting on international cooperation
  4. Interaction/collaboration support in local/community development, business support, and international cooperation
  5. Research, analyzing and information provision on Indonesian politics, economies, and social/cultural affairs
  6. Making lecture, facilitation and coordination in seminar, workshop, training and meeting

Because my mission is “to be catalyst to create something new and good with connecting local to local”, I must make my root in local. So, I established Matsui Glocal LLC in my home town, Fukushima city in Japan. I had planned this since before.

From Fukushima as my main base, and Tokyo, Makassar, Jakarta and others as my sub bases, I want to do activities what is required to me at places where I am needed in Japan, Indonesia, and other places in the world without any borders.

Locals including Fukushima try to their own capacities. They respect, learn and act each other beyond borders of countries, religions, and races. If those are realized, the future would be more warm, more fun, and more interesting, I think.

I start this from Fukushima. Through Matsui Glocal LLC, I start my journey to make such my colleague in the world and make such future together.



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