Introduce Fukushima to my colleague (17-23 Feb 2018)

In 17-23 February 2018, I was in Fukushima with my colleague from Makassar, Indonesia, Ms. Lily Yulianti (untuil 21 Feb), to introduce her about Fukushima.

We attended the Future’s Festival Cafe to connect between Kumamoto and Fukushima in 17 Feb, visited Kawamata and Iino to know local traditional industries and local festivals in 18 Feb.

We visited an organic food restaurant “Hitoto” and a book cafe “Koto” as new waves of revitalization activities in Fukushima city in 19 Feb. After coming to my office, we visited to former Horikiri’s houses in Iizaka hot spring and Surikami dam in 20 Feb.

Ms. Lily enjoyed and deeply understood about some aspects of current condition of Fukushima. She is very active writer in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

We plan to set a special session of Fukushima in the next Makassar International Writers Festival (MIWF 2018) in 2-5 May 2018 with inviting Mr. Ryoichi Wago, a very active poet of Fukushima.


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