Explained about Tokutei Ginou in Padang

In 24 June 2019, we had a chance to explain about Tokutei Ginou to ex-Kenshusei and Japanese language training centers in Padang, cooperated with labor office of West Sumatra provincial government and LPK Smart College.

We made this small seminar because of many untrue and manipulated information about Tokutei Ginou and because many ex-Kenshusei were deceived.

More than 100 participants listened our explanation about Tokutei Ginou and gave many questions. They expected us to contact their previous accepted Japanese companies for asking whether they are still welcomed to come back.

MoU on Tokutei Ginou was signed between government of Japan and Indonesia in 25 June 2019. However, still need more information on procedures to get Tokutei Ginou visa. We need to watch it very carefully.


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