Visit Ishikari city, Hokkaido (3-4 July 2019)

In 3-4 July 2019, we visited Ishikari city, Hokkaido, with Mr. Ahmad Sarita of LPK Bhumi Ika Nuswantara and International Relations Organization (IRO) to discuss about cooperation of technical intern program in Ishikari city. And we visited New-Ishikari Port area, too.

LPK Bhumi Ika Nuswantara now prepares to send two Indonesian technical interns to a care center for elderly persons in Ishikari city. In our discussion, we understood that many companies there in manufacturing sector also needed many technical interns.

We fortunately could meet sincere local government officials of Ishikari city and serious supervisory organization as IRO to utilize technical intern program not only to fill the shortage of personnel but also to create lively and happy local/community development.

In this sense, we will cooperate with them to realize technical intern program in true meanings. We will be an agent of LPK Bhumi Ika Nuswantara in Japan.

We want to create examples of true technical intern program with relating to local/community development in Japan and Indonesia one by one.


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