Dari K Cacao Tour in Sulawesi, 18-25 August 2019

In 18-25 August 2019, I was a coordinator of Dari K Cacao Tour with 25 participants in Sulawesi (Polewali and Makassar), Indonesia. This tour has been annually organized by Dari K Co., Ltd., a chocolate producer in Kyoto with cacao from Sulawesi since 2014.

Most of participants are chocolate lovers and for the first time they met cacao farmers who prepare good quality fermented cacao beans for valuable chocolate of Dari K. Consumers directly meet producers. Consumers give their sincere gratitude to cacao farmers. On the other hand, cacao farmers increase their motivation to produce good quality cacao beans.

In addition, participants enjoyed local foods every day cooked by families of cacao farmers, and many other activities such as the chocolate producing workshop with primary school students, visiting a bean-to-bar local chocolate shop, visiting sago starch processing unit, and special traditional local event of dancing horse.

We believe this tour certainly gave various positive impacts on consumers and producers who respect each other, and planted many seeds for creating next change of world through cacao.


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