Participating in Study Tour on Risk Management in Fukushima (3-4 Dec 2019)

In 3-4 December 2019, we participated in the tour of the “Risk Management course” hosted by the Fukushima Innovation Coast Plan Promotion Organization.

Our main interest was to visit Fukushima Dai-2 Nuclear Power Plant which was decided to be decommissioned in next 40 years. We got a very valuable chance to enter the reactor building and went to under the containment of nuclear reactor. Many detailed regulation to protect our body not to be contaminated by radiation.

We had learned why Fukushima Dai-2 did not cause any serious accident as happened in Fukushima Dai-1. This is because unbelievable efforts to keep power supply from outside with connecting 800 meter cable manually by 200 workers only in a day (usually in a month with machine). Based on this story, we discussed about what is the most important in risk management.

This is very precious opportunity for us and we thanks to the Fukushima Innovation Coast Plan Promotion Organization for this arrangement.


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