Business Trip to Aceh Tengah (17-23 Feb 2020)

In the name of JICA Grass-root Cooperation Project for local government, we visited Aceh Tengah district in the Sumatra island, Indonesia. This project is to promote 6th industrialization or integration among production/cultivation, processing and marketing of local oranges as agricultural products. Aceh Tengah district now sends two young persons to Ochi town in Kochi Prefecture, Japan, to learn the 6th industrialization at Okabayashi Farm.

This time, we had two-days workshop for local government, orange farmers, and young business-persons to discuss about the strategy to realize the 6th industrialization by integration and cooperation among them.

At last, local government of Aceh Tengah decided to establish a kind of the 6th Industrialization Task-force to promote integration among production/cultivation, processing and marketing with farmers and young business-persons by their own initiatives.

Maybe establishment of this kind of cross-sector Task-force is rare case in Indonesia with its vertically divided bureaucracy. We hope this case of Aceh Tengah makes a new movement to realize support policies to promote integrally agricultural industrialization and marketing in the near future in Indonesia.


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