Guest Lectures in Hitotsubashi University

My guest lectures were conducted in the name of “Social Development B” in Faculty of Social Studies, Hitotsubashi University, my alma mater, as follws:

– May 27 & June 3, 2020: One Village One Product Movement
– July 8 & July 15, 2020: Catalyst and Facilitation

This time, my part is regarded as “the learning from practitioners”, so I talked my past experience as JICA expert in Indonesia and in the field of local development in Indonesia and Japan, especially focused on how to approach and communicate as an outsider with local peoples in the program of international cooperation or local/community development.

Based on request from the university, I made the video of my lecture by PowerPoint in advance, and the students watched it on demand. This is my precious experience, of course. But it was a pity that I couldn’t have face-to-face discussions with the students.


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