[Activity] External Consultant of ASEAN Japan Centre for Webinar Series

Since October 2020, we have contracted as an external consultant for trade & investment cluster, ASEAN Japan Centre (AJC) in Tokyo, to plan and implement ASEAN Update Webinar Series until March 2021. This webinar series is conducted in Japanese language for Japanese customer to get latest information about ASEAN countries.

As the first turn, in early November 2020, I will be the speaker to explain about Omnibus Law or Job Creation Law in Indonesia, which has been just legislated in 5 October 2020.

For this Webinar Series, I will plan to invite speakers from ASEAN countries, depended on theme and contents. If there is someone who wants to talk and promote trade and investment between ASEAN countries and Japan, please contact me. We may discuss whether the theme and contents are suitable or not. English speaker is welcomed.


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