[Activity] Online Lecture on Indonesian Economy in GRIPS, Tokyo

In 18 January 2021, I had a chance to give my lecture in English on Indonesian Economy in the lecture series of “Economic Development of Southeast Asia”, the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS).

The title of my lecture is “An Overview of Indonesian Economy: From Historical Perspective”, consisted of four parts as (1) Economic Development Expectation of Current Indonesia, (2) Historical Overview of Economic Development in Indonesia, (3) What Happened in Indonesia, and (4) What is the Key for Solution?.

As the key for solution, I put three points. Those are: From Quantity to Quality, Cost Consciousness, and Eliminate Moral Hazard.

28 students attended and most of them are Indonesian government officials. Alittle bit funny because I had to give my lecture in English, not in bahasa Indonesia.

I am grateful to get this great opportunity and want to say sincerely thanks to Prof. Yonosuke Hara and Prof. Toshihiro Kudo from GRIPS.


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