Want to learn local development cases in Korea, China, Taiwan and others

I want to know and learn current local community development activities especially in Korea, China, Taiwan, and other countries. I believe there are co-current and same phenomena happened in those activities as in Japan. If possible, I want to visit there to learn them directly.

Visit Oku-Aizu and speech in a small seminar (18-20 March 2018)

In 18-20 March 2018, I got on JR Tadami Line (Koide – Aizu-Wakamatsu) and visited towns in Oku-Aizu area as Tadami, Kaneyama, Mishima and Yanaizu to meet some key persons in local development there.

In 20 March, I got a chance to speech on Local Development with Tadami Line in Oku-Aizu area from my glocal perspective in a small seminar in Hana Hotel Takinoya, Yanaizu hot spring.