Lecture in Surabaya (26-30 Nov 2017)

In 26-30 November 2017, I visited Surabaya to attend the JICA project to support Food Processing Industries in Indonesia by SME from Osaka.

In 29 November, I gave a lecture on Japan’s Experience of Local Industrial Development, focusing on Food Processing Industries, in Bahasa Indonesia, to government officials of East Java Provincial Government.


Visit NPO Fukushima 30 Year Project

Today (17 November 2017), I visited the office of NPO Fukushima 30 Year Project in Fukushima. This NPO has been active to conduct the food and environmental radioactive measurement, empowerment activities for mother and child, and many exchange meetings and seminar on Fukushima. We discussed about our cooperation in the near future.



October 11-30 in Indonesia

I stay at Indonesia in 11-30 October 2017.

I will be in Jakarta (11-13 Oct), Karawang (14-15 Oct), Jakarta (16-17 Oct), Cianjur (18-19 Oct), Jakarta (20-22 Oct), Pinrang (23-24 Oct), Bantaeng (25-27 Oct) and Jakarta (28-30 Oct) for getting information about current situation of agriculture in Indonesia. Back to Japan in 31 Oct.

See you my friends in Indonesia.


Visit Surabaya and Malang in 25-29 September 2017

Last week (25-29 September 2017), I visited Surabaya and Malang, East Java, Indonesia.

This time, I learned current situation about sending trainee from Indonesia to overseas including Japan, and knew much new innovative efforts of the vocational high schools there.

I confirmed again the end of the era of technical assistance from Japan to Indonesia, but certainly believed the start of mutual learning and collaboration together between Indonesia and Japan as equal partners.

Wants Info Local Community Groups / Institutions

Matsui Glocal LLC wants to connect with some local community groups or institutions to share and learn their experiences together on local development / business based on communities.

Any group or institution in any places of the world. If you know, please give me your information.


Meeting at Embassy of Indonesia in Tokyo

In 19 September 2017, I visited Embassy of Indonesia in Tokyo and met Mr. M. Abas Ridwan, Minister Counsellor, and Mr. Dadeng Gunawan, Head of Agriculture.

We discussed about local-to-local collaboration between Indonesia and Japan, and human resource development (HRD) of Indonesian trainees in Japan for the future. Very informative and useful discussion.

And I said Matsui Glocal LLC is ready to assist local-to-local collaboration between Indonesia and Japan.


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