Visit Bada Valley (29 Sep – 1 Oct, 2019)

We visited Bada Valley in Central Sulawesi Province, 29 September to1 October 2019, with Dr. Isamu Sakamoto, a specialist of paper making technique. This time we wanted to see current situation about barkcloth or paper/cloth made from tree skin in Bada.

Barkcloth making technique in Bada and its surrounding areas have been kept since about 3,000 years ago until now, even if its technique succession might be more difficult after modernization drive became stronger with easier transportation access. It took about 10 hours from Tentena to Bada with jeep when we visited here in 1991, and now only 2 hours by Avanza. 

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Business Trip to Aceh: 15-21 September 2019

In 15-21 September 2019, we had a business trip to Aceh and Medan in the name of the JICA grass-roots Project for Sixth Industrialization (cultivation, processing and promotion) of Citrus Resources in Central Aceh District Utilizing Knowledge of Ochi Town. We mainly stay in Takengon, capital city of Central Aceh District.

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Visit Minakami town / みなかみ町を訪問(15 August 2019)

In 15 August, 2019, we had a meeting with local government of Minakami town to discuss about preparation of JICA grass-roots program on agrotourism.

Pada tanggal 15 Agustus 2019, kami mengadakan rapat dengan Pemda kota Minakami untuk diskusi tentang persiapan program JICA tentang wisata agro.


With Performing Artists from Australia in Fukushima, 9-11 August 2019

In 9-11 August 2019, by invitation from Mr. Ryoichi Wago, a poet based in Fukushima, we have a chance to meet and communicate with a team of Australian performing artists who visited Iitate village, Fukushima, to create their performance art with local peoples.

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Business Trip to Sulawesi & Jakarta (4-7 August 2019)

We visited South Sulawesi (Wajo and Makassar) and Jakarta with the team of Ishikawa Prefecture government, Japan, to investigate current agricultural situation. Ishikawa Prefecture plans to propose some cooperation programs in agriculture development in the long run with Wajo District government.

Ishikawa Prefecture wants to make some contribution to agricultural mechanization, training of farmers, and income increase of farmers.

Visit Padang to discuss with a LPK (1-2 August 2019)

In 1-2 August 2019, we discussed with a trainee sending organization (LPK) in Padang about our future cooperation. We have confirmed the direction of specializing a skill/technic at first and sending trainees to learn the skill/technique in Japan. We hope those trainees become good human resources to be utilized after coming back to Indonesia.

MoU on Tokutei Ginou was singed in 25 June 2019

MoU on Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) or Tokutei Ginou was singed by Government of Indonesia and Government of Japan in 26 June 2019.

You can read the original text of MoU in English, Indonesian and Japanese.


According to this MoU, accepting organization (AO) or Japanese company registers in the IPKOL (online computerized labor market information system in Indonesia) to get access for publishing job vacancies and receiving database of SSW candidates in Indonesia.

SSW candidates put the data in IPKOL. No need through LPK. Government of Indonesia will inform how to put the data of SSW.

At first, please read the original text of MoU carefully.

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