Participated in the Grameen-Sunpower Social Business Startup Tour in Bangladesh

In May 5-9, 2019, we participated in the “Grameen-Sunpower Social Business Startup Tour in Bangladesh”, co-hosted by Sunpower Co. Ltd. and Grameen Group. This was the first visit to Bangladesh for us.

This tour aims to create a trigger for SMEs in Japan to start up their social business in overseas. Sunpower Co. Ltd. has been working as a social business of recycling used tires and auto repair in Bangladesh with the Grameen Group, which includes the world famous Grameen Bank, etc..

This time, we had a chance to visit a lot of Grameen companies and their activity sites in a short period of time. It has become a precious opportunity to think about our future business in the context of social business again.

Because it is Bangladesh that has the population of almost 200 million people, there is a reason that the social business is needed. But, the method and essence might be fit in current Japan.

Also, it was also an opportunity to reconsider the role of community in social businesses. I also learnedand start to think how to support community businesses in Japan, Indonesia, and other countries, as establishing business first to get profit before doing social business.

Luckily, we could meet Dr. Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank in this occasion. Dr. Yunus emphasized the importance of starting business from the reality as field and dream and positive belief for the future. We cannot forgot his strong statement.

I would like to thank the San Power Co. Ltd. and the Grameen Group for conducting such an fruitful opportunity. And if possible, we hope that we will continue to contact and do something new in the future.

Giving 3 Lectures in Brawijaya University, Malang (29 April – 2 May 2019)

I had a chance to give three lectures in faculty of Economics and Business, Brawijaya University, in Malang, Indonesia. All lectures in bahasa Indonesia.

Titles of lecturers are as follows:

– Fiscal Decentralization and Local Government Finance: Negative and Positive (29 April 2019)
– Modern History of Economic Development in Japan: Comparison with Indonesia (30 April 2019)
– Local Development Strategies: OVOP (One Village One Product) Movement Approach for context of Local Development in Indonesia (2 May 2019)

Faculty of Economics and Business, Brawijaya University, conducts ‘three in one program’ combining of lecturers from Brawijaya University, private sector and foreign country. This is the first lecture by foreigner in this program.

About 150 students have attended my lecture series and I got some interesting questions and comments on my contents. It is very exciting experience for me to give lectures only in bahasa Indonesia. Very sincere thanks to Faculty of Economics and Business, Brawijaya University.

Explain information on Tokutei Ginou in Semarang (22 April 2019)

In 22 April 2019, I had a chance to explain about new resident status ‘Tokutei Ginou (specific skill)’ of Japan to ex-trainees in Semarang.

Even if the status was started under revised Immigration Law in Japan, Japanese companies that accept Tokutei Ginou workers and Touroku Shien Kikan (Registered Support Agency) are now still under inspection until next June by Immigration Service Bureau before their starting of activities. In addition to that, Tokutei Ginou cannot start before signing MoU bertween Government of Indonesia and of Japan.

There are many incorrect information on Tokutei Ginou in Indonesia and someone were deceived. I hope ex-trainees wait for a while with preparing necessary information.

Greeting from Matsui Glocal LLC for entering the 3th year

Matsui Glocal LLC has just entered the 3rd year since its establishment on April 11, 2017. We are very grateful for your support and cooperation.

I’m going to continue to pursue our goal of connecting local to local to create something new values.

The world is not changed by specific someone. The world changes as a result of sum of our daily local life activities. The base is local, and creating new values in local connects to our future.

In this sense, we first think from local, connecting local people, and supporting to create new values with local ownership. The local-to-local network is extended beyond country and administrative units with creating new values. We will pursue the globalization of local-to-local networks.

From the 3th year, we start to challenge how to internalize and utilize external manpower (including foreign trainees/workers) in the local to create new local values, and how to realize human resource development of the external manpower in win-win realtionship for their sending locals and their accepting locals.

Based on imaging 10 years, 20 years, 30 years later, we are going to act and work for locals anywhere in the world.

Thank you very much in advance for your continued support and advice.

Speaker in Seminar on Utilization of Foreign Workers in Japan (26 March 2019)

I was invited as a speaker of Seminar on Utilizaiotn of Foreign Workers in Japan, organized by Hokuriku Economic Federation and JETRO, in Kanazawa, in 26 March 2019.

I picked up some topics including the role of local SMEs in regional economies, separation of objectives and real situation in technical foreign trainee program, and new foreigner’s resident status “specific skills” since April 2019.

I tried to suggest two ways as (1) combination between high-qualified and educated foreign manpower and technical foreign trainees or foreign workers with “specific skills”, and (2) setting route for foreign trainees/workers to grade up themselves to high-qualified manpower by getting opportunities to study in university.

Visit Malang Muhammadiyah University (14 March 2019)

After visiting Brawijaya University, I visited Malang Muhammadiyah University (UMM) to discuss about cooperation opportunities with Japan. The discussion was conducted as a mini-seminar chaired by dean of Faculty of Social and Politics.

We had very interesting and impressive discussion in this occasion and UMM continues to consider any cooperation activities including study tour to japan and inviting me as visiting lecturer.

Visit Brawijaya University, Malang (14 March 2019)

I visited Faculty of Economics and Business, Brawijaya University, Malang, in 14 March 2019.

The Faculty conducts 3 in 1 program in its academic course by three lecturers from Brawijaya University, private sector, and foreigner.

I was asked to be the foreign guest lecturer in this 3 in 1 program by the Faculty. Maybe in next April.

I appreciated this and suggested three subjects as my topics; local economic development policies including OVOP movement, current economic and social issues in Japan, and field work with community development facilitation methods.

I hope I would make some meaningful contribution to the university students in this opportunity.

Meeting with IKAPEKSI Members (12 March 2019)

After finished meeting in Cirebon, I met some IKAPEKSI members in Bekasi in 12 March 2019. IKAPEKSI is an alumni organization of ex-trainees in Japan.

I am an advisor for IKAPEKSI since 2014.

We discussed about current situation of the organization and new resident status of Japan “Tokutei Ginou (specific skills)”. They were very serious to support ex-trainees to make contribution to local development in Indonesia.

Visit STIKes Cirebon (12 March 2019)

I visited Cirebon Health Collage (STIKes Cirebon) in 12 March 2019 to discuss about nurse education and sending capacity of nurse to Japan until now.

This collage was the first institution of EPA program in 2008 to send nurse trainee to Japan.

We exchanged information on human resource development and future program of sending nurse trainee to Japan.

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