30 April 2017 di Fukushima

Pada tanggal 30 April, tamu pertama untuk Matsui Glocal LLC di Fukushima adalah teman baik saya, Ibu Lily Yulianti, seorang penulis dan jurnalis Indonesia, dan penyelenggara Makassar International Writers Festival (MIWF) sejak 2011. Lily bertemu Mr. Ryoichi Wago, seorang penyair di Fukushima, untuk membahas tentang Sastra Kontemporer Jepang setelah bencana Gempa Bumi dan Tsunami Jepang Timur di 2011.

April 30, 2017 in Fukushima

In April 30, the first guest for Matsui Glocal LLC in Fukushima is my good friend, Ms. Lily Yulianti, an Indonesian writer and Journalist, and an organizer of Makassar International Writers Festival (MIWF) since 2011. She met Mr. Ryoichi Wago, a poet in Fukushima, to discuss about Japanese contemporary literature after East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster in 2011.

Meeting with IKAPEKSI South Sulawesi

After arriving at Makassar at noon in January 13, I met members of IKAPEKSI South Sulawesi. IKAPEKSI is Ikatan Pengusaha Kenshusei Indonesia, Indonesian ex-Japan-Trainee Businessmen’s League.

They were ex-Trainee in Japan for three years. Mainly worked in small and medium enterprises in Japan to officially learn know-how and technique/technology to be applied in Indonesia in the future. However, some Japanese companies regarded them as cheap labors because of serious shortage of labors in industrial sector.

Officially, government of Japan does not permit immigrant labors in Japan but in fact those trainee are used to fill the labor shortage.

IKAPEKSI was established spontaneously by ex-trainee themselves without any support of government of Japan and Indonesia. Most of members of IKAPEKSI manage their own companies, work in companies, and start their own small business. The ex-training program has contribute to create new entrepreneurs and skilled labors in Indonesia.

I have been an advisor to IKAPEKSI since 2015. I am happy to meet the South Sulawesi part members this time and want to support them.

Trip to Indonesia and Malaysia (12-18 Jan 2017)

As the first trip to outside Japan in 2017, I will visit Indonesia and Malaysia in 12-18 January 2017.

I plan to arrive at Malaysia in 12 January, and visit Melaka to meet new friends at noon. After that, bound for Kuala Lumpur to have dinner with my friends.

In 13 January, I will fly from Kuala Lumpur to Makassar, Indonesia. I hope I will meet my old friends during my stay in Makassar for four days, 13-16 January.

During my stay in Makassar, I will attend a wedding party of my friends in 14 January.

In 16 January evening, I will fly from Makassar to Kuala Lumpur. After meeting with my friend there in 17 January, I will fly from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo in 18 January.

I hope this trip will be the start point for me to extend my work horizontally from Indonesia to Malaysia and other countries.

After Back to Japan in April 7

My task as JETRO consultant in Surabaya, Indonesia, had finished in March 31, and I came back to Japan in April 7. Now I stay in Tokyo with my family.

I am now preparing my next activity stage. I will set up my tiny independent consulting company during these two months in Japan. Then, based on this company, I will restart my activities to move among Japan, Indonesia and other countries.

To do so, I have made several my activity bases. Main base is in Japan, Fukushima or Tokyo. Sub bases are Tokyo or Fukushima, Jakarta, Surabaya, and maybe Makassar.

The base in Jakarta and Surabaya had been prepared before back to Japan this time. Yesterday (April 13), I prepared my small work place in a rental office, 10 minutes walk from my home in Tokyo. I will set up my another work place in Fukushima.

Fortunately, the set up cost may be not so high. So, I will be able to come to Tokyo, Fukushima, Jakarta, and Surabaya (and maybe Makassar) in any time. My mobile bases are almost established.

In my plan, I will stay in Indonesia next June 2015, starting in Makassar the first week of June. Please keep in touch.


Makassar SEA Screen Academy 2014

Rumata’ Artspace akan menyelenggarakan acara Makassar SEA Screen Academy 2014 di Makassar pada tanggal 22-26 Oktober 2014.

Acara ini khususnya untuk mengembangkan dunia perfilman di Kawasan Timur Indonesia terutama berdasar dari kearifan lokal dan fakta-fakta yang berada di dunia nyata. Panitia mengharapkan kehadiran banyak pemuda yang mencintai pembuatan dan penikmatan film.

Selengkapnya lihat di situs yang berikut.

Makassar SEA Screen Academy 2014