Business Trip to Jakarta and Surabaya (1-11 March 2020)

As a survey for Team E-Kansai, Osaka, Japan, we conducted business trip to Jakarta and Surabaya in 1-11 March 2020 to get information about the needs of environmental technologies for private sector in Indonesia. We tried to visit some industrial associations, but, of course, it was very difficult to make appointments this time. We were too much careful to do our activities with avoiding use of public transportation and recording all our activity locus in Bahasa Indonesia.

Business Trip to Aceh Tengah (17-23 Feb 2020)

In the name of JICA Grass-root Cooperation Project for local government, we visited Aceh Tengah district in the Sumatra island, Indonesia. This project is to promote 6th industrialization or integration among production/cultivation, processing and marketing of local oranges as agricultural products. Aceh Tengah district now sends two young persons to Ochi town in Kochi Prefecture, Japan, to learn the 6th industrialization at Okabayashi Farm.

This time, we had two-days workshop for local government, orange farmers, and young business-persons to discuss about the strategy to realize the 6th industrialization by integration and cooperation among them.

At last, local government of Aceh Tengah decided to establish a kind of the 6th Industrialization Task-force to promote integration among production/cultivation, processing and marketing with farmers and young business-persons by their own initiatives.

Maybe establishment of this kind of cross-sector Task-force is rare case in Indonesia with its vertically divided bureaucracy. We hope this case of Aceh Tengah makes a new movement to realize support policies to promote integrally agricultural industrialization and marketing in the near future in Indonesia.

Want to learn local development cases in Korea, China, Taiwan and others

I want to know and learn current local community development activities especially in Korea, China, Taiwan, and other countries. I believe there are co-current and same phenomena happened in those activities as in Japan. If possible, I want to visit there to learn them directly.

New Year Greetings 2020

A Happy New Year 2020 !

Thank you very much for your kind support in 2019.
We wish you love and peace for your life and work in 2020.

Looking at the local development of Japan and overseas (Indonesia etc.), we feel those actions cocurrently happen. Local and local connect, and new values and deep learning are created sustainably. We would like to do our best to realize such world.

With young farmers in Batu City, East Java, Indonesia. The movement to connect producers and consumers is also tried here. [May 2019]

Seminar on Indonesian economy by Aichi Prefectural University

In 13 December 2019, Aichi Prefectural University presented a mini seminar on Indonesian economy and I was invited as a speaker. The title was “Challenges of Joko Widodo’s 2nd Administration”.

There were about 40-50 participants including university students, scholars, businessmen, and other Indonesian lovers.

This event is set as annually agenda of Aichi Prefectural University.

Participating in Study Tour on Risk Management in Fukushima (3-4 Dec 2019)

In 3-4 December 2019, we participated in the tour of the “Risk Management course” hosted by the Fukushima Innovation Coast Plan Promotion Organization.

Our main interest was to visit Fukushima Dai-2 Nuclear Power Plant which was decided to be decommissioned in next 40 years. We got a very valuable chance to enter the reactor building and went to under the containment of nuclear reactor. Many detailed regulation to protect our body not to be contaminated by radiation.

We had learned why Fukushima Dai-2 did not cause any serious accident as happened in Fukushima Dai-1. This is because unbelievable efforts to keep power supply from outside with connecting 800 meter cable manually by 200 workers only in a day (usually in a month with machine). Based on this story, we discussed about what is the most important in risk management.

This is very precious opportunity for us and we thanks to the Fukushima Innovation Coast Plan Promotion Organization for this arrangement.

Participating in Study Tour on Advanced Agriculture in Fukushima

In 28-29 November 2019, we participated in the tour of the “Advanced Agricultural Inspection course” hosted by the Fukushima Innovation Coast Plan Promotion Organization.

On Tour, agricultural recovery by using ICT (Iitate village), research for restart of farming (Minami-Soma city), the country elevator which manages the dry-storage-shipment process of rice (Naraha town), the domestic banana cultivation plant (Hirono town), large-scale strawberry factory (Okuma town), the LED light-used vegetable factory (Kawauchi village), and the flower “Kochoran” factory which used the temperature management by AI (Katsurao village).

In Fukushima prefecture, we were able to confirm that a new agricultural initiative aimed at reconstruction after the nuclear power accident was on going, and we are very lucky to know it in the field.

At the same time, I should think and monitor of the future sustainability of these business that is using government subsidies, how to create good relationship with the local community including the return of the displaced, and how to realize agricultural innovation in Fukushima for the international level in the future.

If you are interested in those advanced agriculture sites, please tell us. We try to arrange the study tour with the Fukushima Innovation Coast Plan Promotion Organization.

LED light-used vegetable factory (Kawauchi village)

Flower “Kochoran” factory which used the temperature management by AI (Katsurao village)

Training for Government Officials of Aceh Tengah in Kochi & Tokyo

We supported the short-term training for government officials of Aceh Tengah in Japan, 5-9 November 2019. This is a part of JICA Grass-root Cooperation Project on orange resource development between Ochi town in Kochi prefecture and Aceh Tengah district.

They learned support policies by local government to develop the 6th industrialization (integration of cultivation-processing-marketing) by private sector this time. Two trainees sent from Aceh Tengah in Ochi town taught how to pick orange to those government officials. Local TV shot the scene.

We hope this short-term training make some contribution to develop the integration of cultivation-processing-marketing of orange resource in Aceh Tengah.

Lecture on OVOP to Trainees from the Maldives, 17 October 2019

I had a chance to give a lecture titled “One Village One Product (OVOP) Movement and Local Development” in a JICA training course for 4 officers from the Maldives in JICA Tsukuba.

I learned many things from discussion with them about very severe impact of resort-tourism on local development process in the context of OVOP Movement. I must investigate deeply what happens at the field of the Maldives.

Thank you very mucu Prof. Yoshihiko Nishimura, for giving very impressive opportunity this time for me.

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