BNPB Press Release on Lombok Earthquake in 7 August 2018

Materi siaran pers BNPB tentang gempa Lombok pada tanggal 7 Agustus 2018 bisa diunduh dari sini:

Material of press release on Lombok earthquake (in bahasa Indonesia) in 7 August 2018 can be downloaded from here:


Fukushima Overseas Business Dinner (30 July 2018)

I was invited to the Fukushima Overseas Business Dinner in Shiering Chinese Restaurant in 30 July 2018. Very exciting and relaxed meeting with good guys based in Fukushima, who are doing business in Vietnam, China, and the Philippines.

I appreciate their independent stance without depending on subsidies or government assistance. Thank you for getting this opportunity with my new business friends. I must learn and communicate much with them.

Special Lecture in Chuo University, Tokyo (17 July 2018)

In 17 July 2018, I had a chance to give a special lecture in Chuo University to discuss about the study tour plan in Indonesia of students including human resource development, waste water management, environment education and community health. I hope my advice gave some meaningful implication to their study tour plan in Indonesia next September.

Visit Postponed / Kedatangan ditunda / 来訪延期

Local government mission of Batu city, East Java, Indonesia, to Fukushima, Japan that planned this week (10-14 July 2018), was postponed.

Kunjungan rombongan Pemkot Batu, Jawa Timur, ke Fukushima, Jepang yang direncanakan minggu ini (10-14 Juli 2018), ditunda.



Visit Minakami town (3 July 2018)

In 3 July 2018, as an advisor of Minakami town, I visited Minakami town to discuss about its local development cooperation with a local government in Indonesia. Very fruitful discussion with local government officials of Minakami town.

After finished pur meetig, we visit the road station “Takumi-no-sato”, as an example of agro-tourism site with traditional handicrafts based on local-initiatives supported by the local government of Minakami town.

Visit Kanazawa in 13 June 2018

I visited Kanazawa in 13 June to attend a study group meeting at Hokuriku AJEC (Around Japan Sea Economic Exchange Committee) to discuss about foreign human resources affairs in Hokuriku area. I was asked to write a report on technical intern training system by the end of FY 2018. Good opportunity to contact and meet Hokuriku AJEC and Hokuriku Economic Federation (Hokkeiren). Of course, I enjoyed very good local breakfast in Kanazawa.

My Lecture in Tenri University, 11 June 2018

In 11 June, I had a chance to give my guest lecture in Tenri University, on social business in Indonesia. This opportunity was organized by Prof. Mika Okushima, my friend and Indonesianist especially on Kalimantan studies. These pictures were taken by Prof. Okushima.

Cooperation with Minakami town

In 24 May 2018, I visited Minakami town in Gumma Prefecture to discuss about its draft proposal to cooperate with Cianjur District in West Java, Indonesia. Based on request from the town, I became an advisor for Minakami town to support finalizing the proposal for the inter-local cooperation, with my advising on local development strategy of Minakami town. I will try to do my best to this task.


Batu and Jakarta in 11-17 May 2018

As a study team member, I visited Indonesia for kick-off of our feasibility study on agricultural cooperation between Fukushima city and Batu city, East Java.

We discussed contents and directions of this study with Mayor and government officials of Batu city and exchanged opinion and information with Ministry of Agriculture.

Our team consists of Ginray Co. Ltd. from Fukushima, JA Fukushima Mirai, Prof. Sugiura (Chuo Univ) as chief advisor, ERM Japan and me. We will invite the mission from Batu city headed by its mayor to Fukushima in next July.

Photo with mayor of Batu city after discussion. Taken by Naoko Takahashi, 14 May 2018.

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