With Performing Artists from Australia in Fukushima, 9-11 August 2019

In 9-11 August 2019, by invitation from Mr. Ryoichi Wago, a poet based in Fukushima, we have a chance to meet and communicate with a team of Australian performing artists who visited Iitate village, Fukushima, to create their performance art with local peoples.

Mr. Wago and those Australian artists had very interesting collaborative performance art event in Iwaki City Art Museum in 10 August 2019, with title “Fukushima in search of new light”.

The next day (11 August 2019), they had another performing art event in Yamatsumi shrine in iitate village with collaboration among dance, percussion, and reading poems. The theme of this event was wolf picture on the ceiling of the shrine. There are 242 kinds of picture of wolf, which were rehabilitated by Tokyo Art University team after burnt down in 2013.

This was very impressive opportunities and we felt as like as shaking our soul by their performing art. We were very lucky to meet this unplayable again and only one-time performance. We got many deep and sincere insights from this experience to think about the role of art for local community.

Business Trip to Sulawesi & Jakarta (4-7 August 2019)

We visited South Sulawesi (Wajo and Makassar) and Jakarta with the team of Ishikawa Prefecture government, Japan, to investigate current agricultural situation. Ishikawa Prefecture plans to propose some cooperation programs in agriculture development in the long run with Wajo District government.

Ishikawa Prefecture wants to make some contribution to agricultural mechanization, training of farmers, and income increase of farmers.

Visit Padang to discuss with a LPK (1-2 August 2019)

In 1-2 August 2019, we discussed with a trainee sending organization (LPK) in Padang about our future cooperation. We have confirmed the direction of specializing a skill/technic at first and sending trainees to learn the skill/technique in Japan. We hope those trainees become good human resources to be utilized after coming back to Indonesia.

Visit Ishikari city, Hokkaido (3-4 July 2019)

In 3-4 July 2019, we visited Ishikari city, Hokkaido, with Mr. Ahmad Sarita of LPK Bhumi Ika Nuswantara and International Relations Organization (IRO) to discuss about cooperation of technical intern program in Ishikari city. And we visited New-Ishikari Port area, too.

LPK Bhumi Ika Nuswantara now prepares to send two Indonesian technical interns to a care center for elderly persons in Ishikari city. In our discussion, we understood that many companies there in manufacturing sector also needed many technical interns.

We fortunately could meet sincere local government officials of Ishikari city and serious supervisory organization as IRO to utilize technical intern program not only to fill the shortage of personnel but also to create lively and happy local/community development.

In this sense, we will cooperate with them to realize technical intern program in true meanings. We will be an agent of LPK Bhumi Ika Nuswantara in Japan.

We want to create examples of true technical intern program with relating to local/community development in Japan and Indonesia one by one.

MoU on Tokutei Ginou was singed in 25 June 2019

MoU on Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) or Tokutei Ginou was singed by Government of Indonesia and Government of Japan in 26 June 2019.

You can read the original text of MoU in English, Indonesian and Japanese.

English: https://www.mofa.go.jp/mofaj/files/000492333.pdf
Indonesian: https://www.mofa.go.jp/mofaj/files/000492335.pdf
Japanese: https://www.mofa.go.jp/mofaj/files/000492327.pdf

According to this MoU, accepting organization (AO) or Japanese company registers in the IPKOL (online computerized labor market information system in Indonesia) to get access for publishing job vacancies and receiving database of SSW candidates in Indonesia.

SSW candidates put the data in IPKOL. No need through LPK. Government of Indonesia will inform how to put the data of SSW.

At first, please read the original text of MoU carefully.

Makassar International Writers Festival 2019

As every year, we sponsored and participated in Makassar International Writers Festival (MIWF) in 26-29 June 2019.

MIWF started in 2011 as peoples’ oriented festival as gathering of Indonesian and overseas writers and poets with a lot of kind of interested sessions to present new books by the authors or discuss about many topics related to history, current affairs, and future peoples’ oriented community life.

In MIWF 2019, we had a session about Kikigaki (listening and writing) as titled “Story Telling, Disaster and Resilience”. We invited Prof. Motoko Shimagami (Ehime Univ) as coordinator of transfer of Kikigaki Program origined from Japan to Indonesia, Dr. Zaenal Abidin (IPB) as coordinator of Kikigaki Program in Indonesia, Ibu Risna Abbas (teacher of SMAN 2 Banawa, Donggala) as educator for Kikigaki group in her highschool, Dr. Lilan Dama (LPPM UNG) as coordinator in Gorontalo, and three young participants of Kikigaki program (Mr. Reza, Ms. Fira, and Ms. Putri).

In our session, we introduced about Kikigaki with focusing how Kikigaki is different from ordinary interview and hearing. Three young participants of Kikigaki program testified their experiences and their own changes through Kikigaki program.

During our Kikigaki session, we could present the meaning and importance of Kikigaki for Indonesia in the context of environmental conservation, local wisdom, and inter-generational trust building.

We want to say thank you for MIWF 2019 and Ms. Lily Yulianti as chief coordinator of this event to give us very good opportunity to discuss about Kikigaki program with many audience.

Visit LPKs in Padang and Makassar

We visited several Japanese language training centers or LPKs in Padang and Makassar this time. We discussed about current situation of technical trainee program to Japan and our cooperation.

We now prepare to become agent of several Indonesian LPKs in Japan to support their technical trainee program process. This is one step for us to correct the program as true human resource development program.

If you agree with our this concept, we prepare to be your agent in Japan.

Explained about Tokutei Ginou in Padang

In 24 June 2019, we had a chance to explain about Tokutei Ginou to ex-Kenshusei and Japanese language training centers in Padang, cooperated with labor office of West Sumatra provincial government and LPK Smart College.

We made this small seminar because of many untrue and manipulated information about Tokutei Ginou and because many ex-Kenshusei were deceived.

More than 100 participants listened our explanation about Tokutei Ginou and gave many questions. They expected us to contact their previous accepted Japanese companies for asking whether they are still welcomed to come back.

MoU on Tokutei Ginou was signed between government of Japan and Indonesia in 25 June 2019. However, still need more information on procedures to get Tokutei Ginou visa. We need to watch it very carefully.


Visited Payakumbuh with AKARA Training Center

We visited Payakumbuh in 21-23 June 2019 with AKARA Training Center to see the training of candidates to participate trainee program in Japan. There were around 30 candidates studying basic of Japanese language. We gave some speech to encourage their motivation.

We also met vice mayor of Payakumbuh and discuss about current economic and social condition, development direction, and human resource development strategy. We tried to connect our training program in Japan with those direction and strategy of Payakumbuh city.

Attended JASID Spring Conference in 15 June 2019

I participated the 20th Spring Conference of the Japan Society for International Development (JASID) at Rikuzen-Takata city, Iwate Prefecture, in 15 June 2019.

Rikuzen-Takata is one of the biggest damaged cities of East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 11 March 2011. Almost all city center was totally disappeared by more than 15 meter-high tsunami only for a while. Now, Rikuzen-Takata has tried to build new city on the lost old city area with deep and long sadness with pray for many victim citizens.

What can we international development specialists do and learn from this disaster tragedy? We acknowledged that physical reconstruction is not enough. We need to remember the memory of the citizen life there and stay with them to support to create some hope to the future.

This is a very good moment for us to rethink about the meaning of development. We confirm the base is local and it is important for us to think local-to-local networking.

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